Dog Training Services

Here is a listing of our most popular dog training services. If you don’t see what you are looking for please call or email.

Puppy Training

puppy training Give your puppy all the advantages of early training. Your puppy’s developing mind is leaning how to behave in a human pack. Show them the right way from the start. If your puppy is already exhibiting negative behaviors, please schedule a session ASAP. While it is true that a dog’s energy settles down with age, behaviors don’t just go away. One of the biggest advantages to puppy training is that your dog will develop confidence and a deep connection with you. Most of the common problem behaviors will be avoided. Barking, jumping up, leash pulling, not coming when called, anxiety, and generally being hard to control are all symptoms of a lack of puppy training. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of this developmental period. Creating the mindset and behaviors we want is always easier than going back and changing it later.

Obedience Training

dog training for obedience Basic Obedience Training focuses on the commands of sit, down, stay, come, and heel, as well as proper leash walking with no pulling. We will then solidify these basic commands by incorporating the three D’s of training: Distractions, Distance, and Duration. Obedience Training will teach your dog all of these commands and you will understand how to correct mistakes in order to achieve complete reliability.




Problem Behavior Correction

dog needs training Rabbits! Squirrels! Must chase! Pulling on the leash. Not coming when called. Jumping up on people. Lunging at other dogs and/or people. Nipping at people. Being overprotective and anxious. Chewing/eating things. Excessive barking. Digging. Taking food/objects from counters, tables, etc.

Starting training when still a puppy is one of the best investments you can make, but it’s not always possible.  Many times our canine companions come to us already grown up or we just didn’t realize the need for training until we see some problems. No worries, although we may have to undo some learned behaviors, you can teach an old dog new tricks! 



Boulder County Voice and Sight Tag Program

Would you like to have your dog off-leash in Boulder? You can in certain areas, but you must be registered dog training for off-leashand have tags for your dog.  I’ll walk you through the process and get your dog ready so you can both enjoy freedom in the great outdoors. Here is the  requirement as stated by the city of Boulder… “Voice and sight control means the dogs you are responsible for must be within your sight and under your verbal command at all times, regardless of distractions which can occur during a walk. If your dog cannot immediately obey verbal command, your dog must remain on-leash. Also, keep in mind that dogs under voice and sight control are not allowed to charge, chase or display aggression towards other people or dogs or chase, harass, or disturb wildlife and livestock.” In  other words, when you say “come” or “here” your dog must obey immediately. It’s a good idea to achieve this level of discipline in any situation. Let’s get started!